Set of 5 Fairies

Available in the following colours. (red, orange, yellow, greens, blues, purples & pinks)

Wholesale order are fulfilled with a mix of colours however if you have any preferred colour choices please leave me a note in your orders comments.

2 sets per order maximum.


Wholesale unit Price €12 - RRP €24.95


Each Fairy measures +/- 11cms x 9cms (4.3"x3.5") and is one of a kind.


Each Wool Fairy lovingly handmade from 100% Merino Wool, a wire frame & 2 skeleton leaves for the wings.

It makes the perfect addition to any little girl's Fairy world.
An adorable & whimsical ornament to add magic to any home, nursery or Christmas Tree.

My Wool Fairies - Set of 5

  • A Wool Fairy is very delicate and will quickly deteriorate if over handled however if she is kept in a special place she will last forever.


    Keep her out of reach of young children and pets. Cats especially love wool Fairies and over the years, I have had many Fairies admitted to my Fairy hospital for mending.

    Wool can gather a bit of dust over time, gently blow over your Fairy to remove any dust or use a small soft paint brush and gently dust off. Careful though Wool Fairies can be very ticklish! ;)


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